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L´Algérie et l´Egypte vont signer prochainement une convention dans le domaine des TIC. Une convention qui permettra aux deux pays de renforcer leur coopération sur différents volets à l´image de la cyber-sécurité, le développement et la e –gouvernance.

Careers space

We attach great importance to our employees in the work and evolution of One TECH Business Solutions and we fully involve them in our development.
We remain confident that the quality of work with our customers depends, above all, on the welfare of our employees.

Our goal is to remain close and bring about our full support to men and women who help us every day build One TECH Business Solutions.

Regular monitoring and active training policy

Special attention is given to training needs. A process of integration has been made to turn the development of employees in One TECH Business Solutions easier. A careful attention is attached to requests for technical and functional changes (through managers, annual interviews ...).

A Dynamic Company

One TECH Business Solutions is a dynamic company that offers development opportunities. In line with its market, our company is constantly evolving. Internal promotion is a cornerstone of our HR policy. Career opportunities are offered to our employees. 
Because it is very close to colleagues, One TECH Business Solutions provides them the opportunity to express themselves and bring about ideas to help the company maintain its market leadership.

One TECH Business Solutions is a company that trusts you, helps you build your career and meet your personal aspirations.

Being renowned in the computing field, One TECH Business Solutions offers to thrive and grow in a technologically advanced environment and among young employees (and older) and dynamic. If you are attracted to our company and our values, we can move forward together.

Unsolicited application

The successful candidate will have a minimum of five-year experience in a similar position...

Job Opportunities

One TECH Business Solutions offers to thrive and grow in a technologically advanced environment...