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L´Algérie et l´Egypte vont signer prochainement une convention dans le domaine des TIC. Une convention qui permettra aux deux pays de renforcer leur coopération sur différents volets à l´image de la cyber-sécurité, le développement et la e –gouvernance.
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One TECH Business Solutions offers a wide range of telephony solutions,whether traditional or IP, infrastructure and network security.
At the heart of the phone, a wide range of «turnkey», switchboards with various functions and open to the voice / data convergence through IP.

Our goal is to support you in studying, selecting, using, operating and developing your infrastructure.
To meet your expectations, we rely on a network of s manufacturers and publishers partners, leaders in their field of expertise. 

One TECH Business Solutions offers cover all aspects of modern voice communication: telephony and videoconferencing.
One TECH Business Solutions provides a large choice of telephone switchboards (PABX, PBX). We also provide a wide range of phones to meet all business needs: IP, DECT, digital and mobile handsets and switchboard posts.

We also offer other digital communication tools such as telephony software (soft-phones): they contribute to improve efficiency by allowing users access to telephony features and applications from a PC.

Being unified, flexible and easily managed, communications solutions ensure a fast return on investment, improving business efficiency. Work is thus more productive.

Videoconferencing allows communication between staff located in geographically distant places.Collaborate and work together becomes a reality and players can work together « from distance » through computer screens or at conferences in the meeting rooms.

Whether you are SME, corporate customers or call center, we have solutions tailored to the needs and budget of each ... PBX, ACD, CTI, IVR, interoperability with the information system, CRM, IP telephony, interconnection operator and so on

Trades in the financial field have specific needs in telecom to which traditional phone systems do not provide satisfactory answers. In a trading room, communication security is a crucial issue

If you're in the hotel or reception business, you know how difficult it is to offer your customers a personalized service while boosting your profits