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One TECH is a private industrial group which operates on the local and international market.

The consolidated turnover of all undertakings of the Group exceeds 185 million Euros, including over 75% for international, particularly in Europe, Africa and USA. The group relies on its 2,600 employees to be leader in its business.

One TECH is specialized in the sector of ​​the cable industry, mechatronics (manufacturing of printed circuits, electronic and mechanical assembly, connectors and wiring, plastic injection) and new information and communication technologies.

The group involves three core businesses:

One TECH Cables

Manufacturing power cables for low and medium voltage
Manufacturing telecommunication and data transmission cables
Manufacturing cables for cars

Tunisie CablesPower cables and telecom
Auto cablesPower cables and telecom

One TECH Mechatronics

Electronic activities :
Manufacturing double-sided and multi-layer printed circuits.
Electronic wiring.

Electronic activities :
Electromechanical assembly, connectors and wiring.
Plastic injection of technical parts.
Studying, developing and manufacturing plastic injection molds.
Studying, developing and achieving assembly and test industrial process,

Fubadouble-sided and multi-layer printed circuits
TTE InternationalMechanical and Electromechanical assembly eleonetechAssembly of electronic board and integration of sub-sets and finished products TechniplastPlastic injection of technical parts

One Tech Telecom

Studying and integrating telecommunications solutions (SCADA, global positioning system, telecommunications ...).
Designing, optimizing and managing infrastructure and computing networks

One TECH BSIntegration of telecommunication services, networks and computing services.
TTE International(Subsidiary in Algeria)
Integrator of telecommunications services operating on the Algerian market
LTIT(Subsidiary Libya)
Integrator of telecommunications services and networks
OneTECH Algérie
  • «Master» Distributor of «Alcatel-Lucent» products in Algeria