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L´Algérie et l´Egypte vont signer prochainement une convention dans le domaine des TIC. Une convention qui permettra aux deux pays de renforcer leur coopération sur différents volets à l´image de la cyber-sécurité, le développement et la e –gouvernance.
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Industrial Process & Automation

Management and remote control solution for remote technical installations (e.g. water distribution network) through transmission media (radio, GSM, Fiber Optics, microwave, VSAT ...) to optimize resources, diagnose faults quickly, have a clear and precise idea about the operating state of the equipment and retrieve real-time statistics.

The SCADA system includes several features :

  • Remote alarm (alarm receiving)
  • Telemetry (followed by remote operating)
  • Remote control, remote regulating (remote action)
  • Remote management (data archiving, assessments, optimization ...)
  • Mechanism of controlled equipment
  • Overriding control between remote sites (e.g. remote control between tank and pump station)
  • Installation regulation  (e.g. valves, flowmeters ...)

Around the SCADA system, we provide :

Engineering details

  • Detailed site surveys
  • Specifying and selecting the field instrumentation (flowmeters, level transmitters, pressure and Ph..) Proximity sensors, control valves ...
  • Specifying and selecting control systems
  • Speed variator AC / DC: specifying and selecting
  • Designing industrial communications networks, Profibus, Modbus, Profinet, DeviceNet, ControlNet ...


  • PLC configuration and programming

  • SCADA configuration and implementation and Supervisor Control
  • DCS configuration and programming
  • Tuning and optimizing control loops
  • Designing and implementing Multi-variable control strategies

Commissioning and start-up

  • Commissioning of systems on site
  • commissioning plan and schedule
  • Project Management Plans

Maintenance and breakdown assistance

  • Engineers and technicians specialized and highly experienced in industrial automation
  • Minimizing downtime and reducing production losses
  • Ongoing technical support, high-capacity problem-solving

Training and technology transfer

  • Appropriate training for technicians and operators
  • Appropriate training for engineers and managers
  • Operating guides and programming guides documentation