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L´Algérie et l´Egypte vont signer prochainement une convention dans le domaine des TIC. Une convention qui permettra aux deux pays de renforcer leur coopération sur différents volets à l´image de la cyber-sécurité, le développement et la e –gouvernance.
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Location-based solutions

Solutions for transportation and fleet tracking

Customized and complete solutions using data transmission through radio, GSM, GRPS to manage, optimize and secure the activity of vehicle fleets and mobile workforce. One TECH Business Solutions specializes in providing turnkey solutions for the transport sector and particularly in the development of operational and passenger information support systems (SAEIV).

… Looking for applications to :
  • Reduce operating costs (Reduce excess kilometers, reduce maintenance costs, evaluate and optimize routes, allot real-time missions in connection with vehicle location, monitor in real-time the activity of your team on the ground, reduce the number of trips, respect leasing contracts, reviews, interviews ...)
  • Obtain an operational gain (Searching for the nearest vehicle to a place, reporting about commercial, technical and maintenance tours, reporting about alarms, visits to customers, areas, controlling rear door openings, safes, unloading, temperature alerts)
  • Increase security (locating vehicles in case of theft, bringing vehicles to a standstill from distance, Prohibiting the use of vehicles outside the defined time slot, enhancing the security of your users or  goods, being informed in case of burglary of your vehicles ...)