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L´Algérie et l´Egypte vont signer prochainement une convention dans le domaine des TIC. Une convention qui permettra aux deux pays de renforcer leur coopération sur différents volets à l´image de la cyber-sécurité, le développement et la e –gouvernance.
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Wireless solutions

One TECH Business is able to offer solutions to meet the need in wireless systems, from in-house needs of the company to the needs of remote multi-sites. Solutions based on wireless technologies (analog or digital), Tetra or WiMAX. We have integrated a number of solutions including water and energy sites.

Your needs

  • Covering traditional hot areas: areas of economic activity, tourist parks ...
  • Temporary deployments: sites, festivals, emergency infrastructure at times of a natural disaster.
  • Management of intelligent transport.
  • Concept of extended hospital.
  • Maritime safety and civil security.
  • Triple play offers : data, voice, television, video upon request

Our solutions

As integrator One TECH Business Solutions provides its customers with :

  • Installation (base station antennas, …..)
  • Starting-up the system
  • Programming (base station, fixed radio, mobile radio , …)
  • Interconnection with PSTN